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02 March 2010

birthday cake- what what?

I know what you're probably thinking- WOW, that's it? That's the best you can come up with? I actually had a party guest say as much... My fault- I suppose I've raised that bar, the "I'll make a cake for you in any shape you can dream of lil darlin'" bar- Now, I'll have to deal with the consequences of disheartened party guests and perhaps be cast as temporary disappointment (I'm hoping for a recovery in 2011) to my own precious cherubs.
F didn't seem too worried thankfully, didn't cry himself to sleep. It was still homemade and way delicious. I *heart* candy that looks like rocks, I mean really, who doesn't?
When you get tired of looking at this bo-ring cake, head on over to Cake Wrecks for some LOL fun.

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