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18 December 2008

blueprints and inner office memos

We have gotten lots of snow lately, so last Friday night and Saturday (all day) F (age 10) M (age 8) and a few friends drew up these plans, then worked very diligently building this igloo.
I must say the finished product was very close to the original plans. I didn't get a picture before it warmed up and said igloo collapsed under the sun. But it's snowing again, I'd better hang onto these blueprints in case they need to refer back to them.

The kids love playing office when we go to Torrey to visit. They take over Grandpa's space, and he is always very obliging about allowing this sort of business to go on (thanks Owen!)
At Thanksgiving they set up a jump rope hoisting sort of mail system from the office loft to the main level of the house to easily pass important information to each other. This note was passed between M and Q. I believe M is the pencil and Q is the handwriting in pen. The best part is that Grandma is the one that found it!
I'll probably get in trouble from the kids for posting this... but I think it's worth it!
You clever kids, I love you!

1 comment:

The Wilkinson Clan said...

Q. handwriting reminded me of yours at her age. How cute is that? :)


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