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01 October 2008

what should I be for Halloween?

That's right, it's October 1st- time to start thinking of what you want to be for Halloween, if you haven't already decided of course. Here is Uncle Randy (my husband's friend's uncle), his website rocks.


Midge said...

Ok, I just looked at 'Uncle Randy's' site and I'm a little disturbed, but I guess it takes all kinds.
I'm considering being Sarah Palin and was considering Ike being a hurricane but I don't know if that would be offensive since you know it killed alot of people.
Can't wait to see what you and your kids come up with.

steph said...

OK, is he for real or is the whole thing a big joke-funny if it's a joke, scary if it is real.. His home page is all about his christian ministry. Does he really get more than 10million hits-I'm thinking this guy is super famous-how have I not heard of him? His hair is the best!!! I definitely think you and SteveO should be Tink and Peter Pan! Funny.

VaLene said...

I was thinking that SteveO should be Michael Phelps for Halloween. I'd love to see him prance around in his speedy with 18 cleverly-made gold medals around his neck. The Nacho costume was the best a couple of years ago.

H said...

Nooooooo. !!!
I'm laughing but when I shut my eyes I see an odd man in a satin suit waving at me! Ahhhhh!
And Midge! Don't be Palin! That is just too scary! Think of the children! -- big wink. (Also to Midge, marble rye bread in lunches was a hit!)

so said...

whqt is at all scary about uncle randy???
Uncle randy rules


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