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30 September 2008

Fall is for bicycles

Personal "me" time- that's what it's called at our house- those few precious hours a couple of times a week when even the littlest one is at preschool and I have a few magical hours all to myself, in a quiet house. The weather in these parts is unseasonably warm. I keep expecting it to turn rainy or cold (or both) every day, but it continues in the 80's everyday. It perfect for drying clothes on the clothesline, opening all the windows, doing a little yard work (if you are so inclined- I currently am not), or going on a bike ride. As long as the good weather holds I will use personal "me" time to ride.

We went up Hobble Creek Canyon today, I busted out both forks, about 40 miles. I haven't ridden that far in a while and I can feel it now.
I just about crashed taking this self portrait. My Bridgestone RB-1, as you can see- is still treating me right after all these years- like, 15 years?!

Sunflowers lining the sides of the road. Where are all the fall colors in this picture?

This past weekend we went by bicycle to the Sego Arts and Musical Festival in Provo. Riding around town like a middle-aged bike gang was a riot. Here is my second favorite picture of the night.
First favorite picture of the night. "Can I please hold you spiderman?"


Sabrosa Cycles said...

The RB-1 is a beautiful bicycle. Speaking of 15 years ago - I ran into mister Reiche at the Las Vegas Interbike. Quite a blast from the past.

VaLene said...

Okay. The Spiderman picture made me laugh so hard!! Who is that skinny little superhero? I love the pose.

The Wilkinson Clan said...

Good 'Ole bike. I remember when you got that bike.


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