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28 October 2008

in case you still haven't decided

General Colin Powell breaks it down


Midge said...

I saw that on meet the press and thought he made a pertty good arguement. Then I watch McCain on it this last Sunday and thought he struggled a bit. But I love that he doesn't 'defend' Palin he just 'supports' her. Although there is alot that needs defending. I voted today and it feels good to have done it, but now I just want it to be over.

Olsen Family said...

Noelle-- I love your blog, I always check it! How are the boutiques going?
I am voting tomorrow. I almost don't even want too. I am so done with both McCain and Oboma. He made some good points. take care.

Midge said...

Correction: they played that McCain quote was at the end of the Daily Show, he said he doesn't defend her he only 'praises' her, 'she needs no defending'.
Ok McCain, whatever helps you sleep at night.


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