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15 October 2008

a little upsetting

I know, I know... I should have seen it coming, but- it caught me off guard this year and I could do nothing about it because I was on vacation.
My garden froze.
My huge patch of basil I planned to make into pesto and freeze for the winter is a crispy- then wilty when it thawed out- brown pile of crap. I didn't even get a chance to dig up a plant or two to take inside for the winter.
Luckily all of the tomatoes that were ready to eat were picked in time, I'll be sad when they have been gobbled up in the next few days. sigh... I'm really going to miss summer garden fresh eating.
The geraniums are still good, I think I'll go out and dig some of those up to bring inside and brighten things up during the winter months- make myself feel a bit better.


Colett (*.*) said...

Welcome home! Hope you had a lovely time. Stupid, mean, snow made all of my pretty flowers die way to early

Colett (*.*) said...

Oh yeah, one more thing. Just wondering if you noticed the photo of "myself" that I included in my BB application?


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