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06 October 2008

Charley Harper

I have been enjoying and admiring the artwork and illustrations of Charley Harper ever since I saw the story about him on CBS Sunday Morning a few months ago. If you have room in your life for an enormous- yet brilliant- coffee table book that weights about 10 lbs. you should ask for his book for Christmas, I flipped through it a few weeks ago in Anthropologie and wished it was mine. He has also illustrated children's books, calenders and coloring books- take a peek if you've got a minute.

We are off to Espana in the morning. I am so looking forward to every minute of it. Even the long flights- time spent just sitting still, people bringing me food and drink- sounds delightful. This trip will seem so easy- compared to traveling with the 4 kids across Europe last summer- only having to worry about oneself seems almost too simple.
I'll be able to relax and get in vaycay mode when I finally get on the plane tomorrow. Until then, every last detail of what I am leaving my very capable, extremely wonderful in-laws in charge of will be rolling through my head like a freight train. Have a wonderful week, see you again next Monday.
Words to live by this week, wherever you are: Happiness is in the journey.

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