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30 October 2008

threatening letters

found under my 8 year olds' pillow this morning


VaLene said...

Oh my. That's hilarious. I'm curious what she needs 20 bucks for so desperately. Your kids have always been funny note-writers. The only notes Milly writes are hate-notes to one or another brother.

curtandlace said...

Maya you are so cute. She is always writing in block letters in primary. That letter is awesome. Man if the tooth fairy gives out 20 bucks I may have to send Harper your way in a couple of years.

noelle said...

as if... does any tooth fairy have 20 bucks for one tooth in this economy? She was luck to get 1 buck out of the tooth fairy and not 20 cents for the sassy mouth.

lex said...

That is a fabulous letter ... thanks for sharing!

Colett (*.*) said...

I WISH my kids would leave me these kinds of hillarious notes, I never get anything like this but my mom has a little keepsake stash of notes from my childhood!


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