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16 October 2008

a truly saucy dwelling

I have a special place in my heart for objects pulled from the trash and fix/altered/overhauled/painted. What is it about free that is so darn appealing? So what if it doesn't turn out exactly the way you pictured? Just chuck it back into the trash.
I ran across this saucy room makeover with the recycled TV's dresser today. The ideas for kitsching things up are inspiring to the budget minded- and who's not these days- to see the rest of the space look here.

I especially love the dental impression under the terrarium and the not-my-family portrait from Goodwill.

1 comment:

Midge said...

I would have totally been in love with a guy in collage that had that room. I had a weakness for those artsy type boys. Very clever use of found stuff.


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