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05 April 2007

tiny things

as some of you may know-i love tiny things. these small friends hang on my christmas tree, but I can't bear to put them away when the holidays are over, so they are hanging under a little shelf in my bathroom. (that sounds kind of weird, but there was a space, it needed filling...bada bing-bada boom) yes, these are also plates hanging in my bathroom. hey-never underestimate the power of a plate, or a group of plates for affordable wall decor.

birdhead in underwear i got at felt club last year. i think you can find the artist here.

the rest of these tiny things are from anthropologie.

1 comment:

H said...

Hey Noelle! I love your shelf! I love your ornaments...seems like its missing 14 carrots? I'll have to see what I can do about that, maybe in time for Easter?! I linked to the bird in underpants--let's have a make a plate party. Soon. I'm working on some plates these days.


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