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27 April 2007

skirts on the line

first of all, thank you cass barney for painting our fence, we truly love it, and may just have to never move because of it. it's a fabulous backdrop for skirts, or maybe too distracting, but-oh well...whatever.
i am making all of these skirts for the beehive bazaar, coming up here in 2 weeks, mother's day weekend.
we have just started a beehive bazaar blog so everyone can see the great artisans and crafters that will be participating and their goods.
check it out here.

this skirt is from the nothing to say show steve o and i did at gallery one ten at the beginning of april.
i just got it back, i can't wait to wear it.


bigbrownhouse said...


cassandra said...

Sweet! I want to put all of those skirts at once and dance around.
Thought of you yesterday while fabic shopping in Little India.

steph said...

Lovely,springtime beauty!


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