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14 April 2007

1st ride of the year

a few of my favorite road bike and lilacs

today i got in my first road ride of the season. being very short on time, i rode solo. this is a picture of my favorite section of road, i don't know the street name- it's in spanish fork. very few cars travel on this road, there is a canal, lots of trees, protected from the wind- cute little road.

i call it "mother's day road" because a few years ago- happily riding on mother's day some jerk in a car came right up behind me, and honked his horn. i just about jumped out of my skin. i was too chicken to make an obscene gesture (and his kids were in the car) i was a little worried he might come back and beat me up, you never know with cowboys... the moral of the story is don't ever honk at a cyclist!!! (they just might have a rock in their jersey pocket)

no trouble today, and very few cars...maybe everyone is at the home and garden expo or spraying their dandelions with weed killer (i saw a lot of this) it felt soo very good to just get out and spin. i finished with 20 miles, but when you leave 2 ten year olds in charge you gotta make it quick, and let's face- my butt will be plenty sore tomorrow anyway.


cassandra said...

Hey! I took my first ride yesterday too! It stopped raining here just long enough to head into the woods...soooooo pretty but still muddy. My kids let me out for a bit but then we hooked up the tandem and all went out together. Happy riding!

Sabrosa Cycles said...

river bottoms road?

Reed said...

Hey Noelle. Looks like you did get to ride that day. Thanks for the bikes. It was heaps of fun. Butt's a tad sore, but worth the pain. I'll try to swing by today to drop them off. Thanks again. Check out our blog at

Noelle O said...

if you're coming down spanish fork canyon (like from moab) you make your first left by the gas/food combo (i can't even remember the name of that restaurant right there), down the hill, then a quick right. is that called river bottoms road?

Sabrosa Cycles said...

Roger that. The restaurant is called the Little Acorn and the gas station is called Jack Rabbit. It is a very lovely road. I was sad when they cut down all of the wind breaker trees that were all in a row. Them is mine stompin grounds.


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