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12 April 2007

mama would be proud

here is the delicious lunch i had today.

two things i hated as a child were tomatoes and egg salad. well, i've grown up (a little) and now they are two foods i can't live without.
so, mom i'm sorry i threw away every egg salad sandwich you ever made me, and went hungry. (believe me, i know this trick now that i am a mom- just pack the unwanted kind of sandwich in their lunch anyway, they'll get hungry enough- try it and perhaps like it)
tomatoes i despised for a long time, well into my twenties. then one day when standing in a friends garden, i was offered some grape, pear, and cherry tomatoes. i took a deep breath and gave them a try...what do you know, they are now one of my favorite foods. i still prefer garden tomatoes, but then again who doesn't?
so i always quote to my children from green eggs and ham "try them try them and you may..."


H said...

Is that sandwich smiling for the camera? :)
Talk about talent! -- as a chef & photographer

so said...

speaking of food we did Indian food tonight.
I did the buffet and I'll tell you I never need all you can eat.
It was good but I over did it just a bit.


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