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25 April 2007

a few more favorite things...

i looove dark chocolate, the darker the better.
here are two of my favorites, i keep on hand at all times. it's easy to keep around, i don't even have to hide it because my kids won't touch the dark stuff.
i keep a good stock of swiss, german, and danish chocolate, thanks to pernille (whom, i'm very happy to say, i will be seeing soon!) i enjoyed dipping this mork choklad bar into crunchy peanut butter. (probably a very american thing, but i don't care)
what can i say, my second most favorite thing is peanut butter and chocolate anything.


Bess said...

I've tried so hard to like dark chocolate but I just can't do it. I like the fatty, sugary, no good for you goodness of milk chocolate.

Noelle O said...

oh I like that kind too, and even the cheap not really sure if chocolate is one of the first ingredients kind of chocolate.
I guess deep down I can justify eating a larger quantity of dark chocolate because they say it's good for you. i'm pretty sure that amounts i like to consume no longer make it good for you...but hey, at least i'm kind of trying.

Anonymous said...

well dark choclate is okay it depends on what kind!!!! quinn


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