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16 April 2007

tiny apron

life is getting crazier by the minute...
we've got spring break coming up at the end of this week. so- we're going south, to the torrey/escalante "grandma loop". my parents and steve o's parents live 60 miles (as the crow flies) from each other, on either side of boulder mountain, in perhaps one of the most stunningly beautiful places on earth. it's always fun to go relax, get treated right by grandmas & grandpas, and get some outdoor fun in.

then...i may as well mention that the whole gang (or herd- as it sometimes feels) is heading to europe for june and july. yes, we are loading all the kids up for some european fun. that's my part time job of organizing, planning, researching, calls, emails, guidebook reading, google earth searching, making sure i've got everything covered... phew! it's going to be so fun! it will be all chronicled on a soon-to-be organized travel blog. (yeah, i'm working on it...) more on this trip later.

what does any of this have to do with a tiny apron? well, the beehive bazaar is also just a month away. so...i've got a lot ( i don't think "a lot" is really a strong enough word) of sewing to do in the next few weeks.

so... YEE HA! let the madness begin.....


steph said...

Sure do love the tiny aprons,the cake fabric is die for(i've got vampires on the mind!)You know it is crazy right now but the craft show will be so fun! We always have so many good's to Mothers day

cassandra said...

When we took our kids to Europe a few years ago, the very best thing we did is to bring each of them a larger (8" X 10") sketchbook and a glue stick. Everynight when we would get back to the hotel so tired but still needing to entertain them, we'd record what we did that day, glue in postcards and wrappers and let them draw. They also sat in front of DaVinci's Virgin of the Rocks and drew it along with Picasso's Guernica (sp?). Those books are the best! That will be so fun for you guys! Cheers and get craft'n! Dan is sewing the coolest underwear.

Noelle O said...

i hadn't thought about bringing glue sticks...but you're right!


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