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13 April 2007

friday the thirteenth

thankfully, there is nothing unlucky about this apron. i made it yesterday as a special order for a friend. i love this sparkly skull fabric, i'm so sad i'm also out of it. but then again maybe it's better to have favorite fabrics exist in memory, in pictures, or pieces of quilts or other things made, instead of cluttering up my house.

you can kind of see the sparkle in the fabric...(in the gold colored parts)

i really miss my dress form, (it's at the gallery until the end of April) i had to model in this shot, and wrangle a kid to take the picture.

much needed pocket detail added at the last minute, crazy gold and black rick rack found on ebay.

1 comment:

steph said...

What? No more party skeletons left? So sad-that is a Noelle O signature staple...cute apron though.


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