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22 June 2008

somethin' to blog about

The yard sale went well and wow does it feel good to get rid of a few things. I was rewarded at the end of the very hot day with a mountain bike ride with a few good friends on the top of the Alpine loop, Ridge trail. Here is the view of the Mount Timpanogos cirque, it was gorgeous and refreshingly cool in the mountains, and it felt so good to get on my mountain bike.
Wild delphinium and blue bells along the trail.

After taking the afternoon off to ride my bike (while my lovely spouse recovered from having his wisdom teeth taken out AND held down the fort- thank you dear) I paid dearly for my time off by having to pack for camping at Lake Powell until 3 o'clock in the morning. So, the adventure continues- off we go to Lake Powell, maybe I can catch up on some sleep.

1 comment:

The Wilkinson Clan said...

When we move into Utah I would love to visit the Slot Canyon Inn!


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