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22 June 2008


I'm in summer mode, which means some things fall through the cracks while I scramble to party/entertain/motivate the children while keeping things clean/organized/weeded around here. Here is a photo recap of the last week of our lives.
Father's Day brunch on the back porch.

A Father's Day walk to our neighbor's pond.

What is happening when I am out doing some triathlon training- the kids are getting into the Halloween costumes, jazzing up the little brother cop up the Sharpie mustache and patch of chest hair. He wore the hairy embellishments until they wore off in the pool a few days later. What can I say, it's summertime.

Self portrait, is there anything better than 8 year old chiclet teeth?

I slaved all week cleaning out every closet, the crawl space and the garage in preparation for yard sale Saturday. Here is one of the treasures I came across- a photo collage of out 11 year old as a chubby little baby. I love this series of pictures. (click on the picture to see a bigger version)

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