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05 June 2008

The hardest thing about rollerblading

Because I have been enjoying the sport of rollerblading this week, or 'fruitbooting' as BMXers so lovingly refer to it- I though I would pass this on.


Wendy said...

OK, so funny. I to have been enjoying the fruity sport lately. I must confess, I bought a new pair last month. I feel like a dork straight out of the 90s every time I blade up the canyon. I love it!

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

HA before I watched the video, I had already thought up my comment about asking you if you've told your parents you are gay. The video kinda ruined that one for me.

Midge said...

I love that video!

Mike and Jessica said...

That was great.

lex said...

Very nice!


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