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27 June 2008

Lake Powell wonderful

We had a grand time at Lake Powell this last week. For the first time we brought kayaks and the kids were so happy paddling around nonstop. We all were so happy when we found this super shady camp site in Crystal Canyon (only 1 hr. 30 min. of direct sunlight each day) after our Ez-Up shade tent got ripped apart by the wind in Hansen Creek Canyon and we were left frying in the blazing hot sun. This camp spot was surrounded on 3 sides by red cliff walls nearly 500 feet high- amazingly picturesque.
We all did some elbow, knee and butt rock climbing moves getting up this crack at the very end of Crystal Canyon. This was the view when you looked up. I'm so glad this rock didn't shift and trap one of us, it would have really put a damper on the trip if we had to team up to chew off a trapped limb.
Up under the cliff walls was the most amazing sand, we played in it for hours. It was like a spa treatment laying there, eyes closed, getting cool trickles of sand poured over your limbs by the children. We were all throughly coated every time we set foot in the stuff because you just couldn't help rolling in it or burying yourself every time you touched it.
Looking up from where we slept under the cliff walls. The night sky framed by the red rocks was breathtaking. To see more pictures of the week look here.

1 comment:

Colett (*-*) said...

thank goodness for no chewing! I want to go there too!


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