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12 June 2008

scared straight or... how to get in shape for summer

OK, I did it. I paid my money and everything. I am all signed up for the Yuba triathlon September 6th. That should get me out of my boring workout rut and get my butt moving.
I have never done an Olympic distance triathlon only a couple Sprint distance triathlons two summers ago. Here is the breakdown for Olympic: swim 1500 m, bike 24.9 miles, run 6.2 miles. It's going to take some work to get ready, but that's what I'm really after anyway. I'm nervous, but finally crossing that finish line is such a fabulous feeling.
This should make me think twice before I eat an entire giant scone (nearly the size of a small pizza) all by myself at the Art City Days carnival or any other summertime festival that sells tempting things like scones and deep-fried Twinkies.


steph said...

OK noelle, I'm scared straight-ready or not, I'm doing the sprint. I just registered so I better get my butt in gear so I don't drown!!!! Yikes!

The Wilkinson Clan said...

Okay Wonder Woman and I thought running 2 miles with my track kids was hard! Bon Chance.

Colett said...

Are you insane?


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