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02 June 2008

at the beach

There is nothing like some time on the beach- just lounging in the hot sand, staring out at the water- to provide some ultimate rest and relaxation and really clear your head. Until, 2 seconds later your kids find you and whine, "he smashed my sand castle..." or "I'm hungry..." but really it's all good. I just added that last bit to make everyone reading this who is not at the beach right now feel a little bit better... I hope it helped.
Ahhh summer is finally here, I love the beach and I'm lovin' life this week.


Michelle said...

Nope. It didn't help much. Go ahead and gloat; being at the beach merits it. (In comparison, we ran through the sprinklers yesterday which is about about 1/50th as great as the beach.) Have fun!

steph said...

Oh, I love the beach! I'm glad you're having a great time! By the way, it's not so warm here today, doesn't feel much like summer! Have a great week!

Diania said...

So jealous. Do you vacation weekly?

Midge said...

Hey, I used your apron on my latest post, hope you don't mind. Hope you are having fun in California, I'll be there in 2 weeks woo hoo.


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