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10 June 2008

prom pictures

This is a shout out to my niece Megan- way to go on the awesome prom picture!
Ooh to be young again- wait I take that back. When I really think about it... no thank you.
I do so love this clever prom pose, and getup Megan's date is wearing.


Bess said...

That's pretty freaking awesome!

steph said...

That Rocks the house! Love it-She must be a pretty cool, funny gal.

Michelle said...

HA! I'm glad that somebody had fun at the prom. I'm trying to imagine myself in such a fun pose rather than the nerdy, nervous girl in a lavender, tafeta poof of a dress.

H said...

Oooooh That is soooo great!!! Can't wait to show that to the just about grounded S!


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