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06 May 2008

the view from where I sit

My crazy messy sewing room, where I spend many hours in the middle of the night because that seems to be the only time I can really get anything done. My favorite part of this first picture is the radio/cassette tape player that I got when I turned 14- on the windowsill, still working well, tuned to KUER and keeping me in touch with the real world. Things are coming along for the Bazaar this Friday and Saturday (I am making purses, aprons, felt flowers, and skirts), just a few more late nights to go...

By the way- if you want a good laugh, (especially when you're looking for some entertainment in the middle of the night) rent Footloose. I think I have only seen it once- in the theater, whenever it first came out. I was chuckling the whole way through- the clothes, the dance moves... the attitude.


Bess said...

I hope you were chuckling, not chucking the whole way through:)

Wildwood said...

Great blog!

noelle said...

duh, I guess chucking is also a real word- not picked up by spell check. That mix up was worth a laugh for sure.

Midge said...

Can I come over and touch all your fabric. I can't wait for the Bazaare, see you there.

Suzy said...

Gosh, I wish I could come to the Beehive Bazaar!!! Wish I had at least tried to be crafty and put some things in it. Maybe this Christmas. Good luck with everything!! I know its going to be wonderful! And have a wonderful after-party!!


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