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22 May 2008

an accidental picture

This is one of those oops I pushed the button pictures that you used to cuss when there were only film cameras. But somehow I ended up really loving this picture- I guess because I like looking at hands. They are so unique and individual, and say so much about someone. So even this fuzzy picture of my own hand is somehow intriguing to me.
It has been raining (almost) constantly for two days now. This is something that rarely happens in Utah. I really love the rain and the green that follows but it has become very clear to me that I would not do well mentally if I were to live somewhere it rained all the time. The weather is like a drug to me- very mood altering. So, on that note- I hope it clears up for the holiday weekend (I promise I do appreciate the moisture- really) so we can party in Escalante for my youngest brother's high graduation and the start of summer! Hopefully a little hikin' and bikin' and lots of fun with Arizona cousins.


Colett said...

I love that pic. Milli got a hold of my camera one day and shot about 50 random pix. Some were actually really cool though. Funny to see the world at her level. Hey maybe that will be my next blog post!

Midge said...

I like it too. I've been tempted to get a Holga just because of how bad it takes pictures but how cool they all end up looking. Keep accidentally snapping away.


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