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19 May 2008

nothing short of a miracle

This isn't the real opening shot- before the weeding picture, when the weeds were covering this entire space- wall to wall, two feet tall, but you can imagine I'm sure. (I wasn't on the ball enough to get that shot) My lovely spouse and children worked their fingers to the bone all morning weeding (while I went on a mountain bike ride with my ladies) to clear out our garden space.

Here we have the usual garden fare- better boy, grape, cherry and roma tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers and spaghetti squash plants. I was so bummed when I couldn't find yellow pear tomatoes this year- the nursery that usually has the plants forgot to plant them this year.

A few essentials from seed- basil (enough for a giant patch, of course), dill, cilantro, beans, peas, pumpkins, zinnias and cosmos for cutting, sunflowers and nasturtiums.

I cannot believe that we accomplished the entire garden start to finish this weekend. It was all the peeps pitching in to help that made it happen. I am so proud of my kids for being such hard workers. Now I will have some vegetables to trade with all of the folks who are hoarding wheat and rice from Costco.


steph said...

My heart aches to plant... hopefully this weekend. Looks so good! Who needs 30 dollar barrels of wheat to store in your basement when you have farm fresh veggies!

lex said...

you should trade them for GAS!

Precia said...

Nice work! I waited till the kids were in bed to plant mine.

Michelle said...

I love your new spools across the top. And I'm jealous of your planted garden. Thanks for the reminder. I keep procrastinating, but then thoughts of fresh tomatoes and basil inspire me to get on the ball! Food persuasion wins.

val said...

love the fence! what a great garden space.


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