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27 May 2008

fun weekend

A view of my parent's place Slot Canyons Inn, in Escalante Utah from the cliff tops on the other side of the Highway 12.

I love the desert in the springtime, it was the perfect temperature for hiking. This weekend was unseasonable cool- freezing, windy and hailing at times. I love to see the desert in bloom. There were little bits of color everywhere you turned.

This Anasazi indian dwelling is on my parents property, I can't believe that in 25 or so years coming to this place- this was the first time I have ever seen or hiked to them. Thanks to my brother Adam for showing us these dwellings, some great views and a downhill course and single track for mountain bikes that I can't wait to try. Thanks dude.

A view of Escalante and Wide Hollow Reservoir and perhaps Lake Powell in the distance there... from a very high peak we climbed (I have no idea what it's called).


steph said...

I'm glad that you didn't get rained out! My brother & his wife were camping down there and did the slot canyon hike. Looks gorgeous! We need to go to your parents B&B-from what I can see, looks like they did a great job on it! Glad you had fun with your family.

Diania said...

I want to go to that ruin. Looks awesome.

Olsen Family said...

So beautiful. Even though I was so young when we would all come together there, I have so many wonderful memories.


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