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14 May 2008

Fluevog shoes

I really, really love Fluevogs. I have a couple of pairs for a few years now and I wear them all the time because they are so comfortable and fantastic. The drawback with the Fluevog of course is that they are so very expensive- but very cozy and extremely well made. (that comment right there tells you I usually wear cheap, buy them anywhere like Target shoes) I just took a peek at the Fluevog website today and found these little beauties (my three favorite ones pictured here). Don't cha think I need to stimulate the economy with a special little gift to myself?


Colett said...

I love the grey mary jane's, GET EM you've earned it!

Midge said...

How much we talking here, cause i really want them too now. I'm always looking for high heels that don't kill you. I'm getting too old to give up comfort for fashion. that's sad did i just say that.

Noelle said...

we are talking like $245


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