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21 May 2008


Baby really needed a haircut- so we went with a mullet this time around.
For more mullet giggles look here.

I am trying to talk my 10 year old son into a sweet mullet for the last day of school next week. So far, even with a itunes gift certificate as bribe he won't even consider it. Wouldn't that be an awesome way to finish out 4th grade? I told him we would even get him a "business in the front- party in the back" t-shirt to complete the outfit- but still... he's not interested. He's loving his long hair. This is the first time in his life his hair has ever been long enough to put in pony tails much less french braids. But when it gets really hot in the coming months and he's begging me to cut it- it will be a mullet or mohawk first (for at least the time it takes for a sufficient photo shoot) before anything else. And 4 year old longish haired brother?... for sure a mullet for a day.


Olsen Family said...

I love it.

Midge said...

That chia pet is pretty great. the nice thing about having an infant is you can cut his hair any way you fancy. Ike's signiture cut is a wide mohawk with a bit of a mullet in the back. it somehow suits him perfect, even if his grandma isn't that crazy about it.

val said...

that chia pet kills me....a baby! hahahahaha


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