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13 May 2008

some goods from the Beehive Bazaar

As you may have noticed- I'm all about the mosaic these days. I can't seem to settle on just one picture so I keep using this website that makes mosaics, that aren't too small to really see the pictures unlike the tiny mosaics flickr makes. Here are all the goods I picked up at the Bazaar last weekend. I fell in love with many groovy items for sale by all the amazing Utah artists that participated. I'm not going to map and label every item here, but they are all labeled by artist on my flickr page, so you can look there if you really have to know who made what.


steph said...

OK, how did I miss that cute collection of birds???What??? Who was the artist- I didn't even see those! Let me know, k?

Midge said...

You got some good goodies there. It was fun to go and see everything. I have to say though you made the best stuff. It was nice to finally meet you.


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