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25 May 2007

too many puppies...

our friend's siberian husky had puppies, we just couldn't help ourselves- we had to visit and snuzzle those little fur balls. under any other circumstances, this would have been torture to visit puppies when you know you won't be taking one home, but with our europe trip just a week away, the kids didn't bother begging to take one home.
we have promised the kids a dog when we get back in august. unfortunately it won't be a siberian husky. enzo, our siberian husky, our first born, doggie love of our lives, "prince of dogness" died two years ago this memorial day weekend. we had him for ten years. we loved everything about him except his super-naughty won't come when he's called, get out of any fence situation doggie nature. steve o says- no more siberian huskies. while i can see where he is coming from, there is still something in me that might be tempted to own another one.
maia, the puppy whisperer...

there were 6 in the litter, two with blue eyes, two with brown, and two puppies with one blue one brown eye.

enzo, doggie supermodel. sorry, this is a picture of a picture, but you get the idea.

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