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07 May 2007

the art ball

maia in pink, jane in green and blue, quinn in coral, erica in orange

last year i took my oldest daughter quinn to the springville art ball. we went to watch our favorite, best-ever babysitter/nanny erica get crowned art city royalty. quinn has been anticipating the return of this annual event ever since. well...the day finally came. she designed her dress (months ago) and I made it for her. thankfully, the other two gowns i had made previously (for halloween). her little sister maia, and friend jane also donned ball gowns for the evening.
we all had a fabulous time, being mainly an adult evening with very few if any other kids in attendance, the little ladies were truly "the belles of the ball".
i'm sure could you possibly be a gal and pass up the opportunity to put on a ball gown, hoop skirt, up-do, makeup, rhinestones and a tiara?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun!!!!! QUINN


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