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28 May 2007

super fun ride

i got a great ride in today, 54 miles. the ride was organized by jerry warren, for his 60th birthday. let me tell you...if i can come anywhere near moving like he does at 60 when i'm that age then i'll be very, very happy. (thanks for inviting me to your ride/party)
the group consisted of ski folks from all over the wasatch mountains, family and friends. about half of the group pictured here rode a century- 100 miles. the second half of the ride was going to be up mt. nebo, i decided...another day for me. i haven't ridden enough this year to do anything but look and feel awful on a climb like that.
we left from springville, went out and around west mountain, stopped for snacks in payson and split up there- to finish out our 50 or 100 miles. it was super windy off and on, mostly a crazy head wind but when your in a big group the wind matters a lot less, and I appreciated that today. it was such good fun.

1 comment:

Kip said...

Wow!! Look at all those muscles in that group!! That was so much fun. It really makes you feel like you've accomplished something. I went right to sleep at 10:00, I haven't done that for a long long time. Guess we'll have to go on more long rides like that eh!?#* Can't wait to read the European blog, especially the fashion tip of the week!!


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