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14 May 2007

rest and relaxation

i have been dying to read this book since the book group read it last month. i picked it up yesterday and just finished it this afternoon. it was very, very good. you can find out more about it here
i'm so glad the beehive bazaar show is finished so i can catch up on so many other things, like reading twilight all day and all night.


steph said...

Oh edward,my boyfriend,i think about you all the time. I wish you would sneak up in me and give me a ride on your back,you stone cold fox.

Noelle O said...

amen to that sister.

Caroline said...

Great job at the behive bazaar! Such great stuff! I LOVE your aprons!
Let me know about possibilities of being a vendor at the next one. I'd love to do it!

..sounds like a good book... I'll have to check it out.


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