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09 May 2007

the art of happiness

Here is a quote I read in shape magazine today.
"canadian researchers have found that people who engage in the arts on a weekly basis enjoy a stronger sense of community, feel better emotionally, and experience a higher quality of life than those who don't. I think the creative impulse is hardwired in us. So whether it's doing needlepoint, painting a portrait, or playing the trumpet, get out there and indulge in it!"
so folks, get creative!


H said...

Wonder why more people don't strip their wires and get to work, or really are not wired to make/do/think?
Thanks for posting the quote Noelle!
:) <---had to add that, now I have to get to work!

cassandra said...

well it's no wonder that I'm so damn happy!

chiggy said...

I've heard that artsy/creative people live longer too. I like that quote. Any suggestions on how to make the time to be creative?

Sarah said...

Hi my name is Sarah, and I was just at the bizarre...and realized I left my money at home! Not to mention that the line was so long first thing in the morning with EVERYONE buying your DARLING bags!!!!! I was completely distraught, since I am sure when I go back the ones i fell in love with will be gone. I was there within 25 min of opening, and so many of them were sold! Your stuff is DARLING, and I was wondering if you sell anywhere else? Etsy? by phone? I will go back this afternoon, but by the looks of it, there won't be much left...good for you, bad for me:) COuld you tell me how to get more of your stuff??? THank you! Oh, another question, where do you make your satin ribbon tags? I am a crafter/artist selling children's art work and goods, and want to sens away for some tags with my logo. Any tips? Thanks!!!


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