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04 May 2007

steve o de mayo

today is the big day... steve o's birthday. here is one of my favorite pictures of my fabulous spouse. steve o is notoriously badly behaved in front of the camera. like when he was in high school and his big brother got married, he wore these big dorky black glasses in every single wedding picture he was in. (in hindsight- very funny) I must interject- he is quite the opposite behind the camera.
so anyway... when you get a great candid photo of him-you have to cherish it. this pic is from back in his day as a cougar when he was breaking all the ladies hearts, just before we met.
i'll save all the sentimental, lovey-dovey stuff for off-line, but I will are the best.
happy birthday, i love you.
i can't wait to spend 2 months in europe with you, (and our offspring, in an rv) not working our guts out.
if you weren't in southern utah shooting a commercial for fuel tv, I'd spank you 43 times.


steph said...

happy steve o de mayo! I love that picture-lil steve o such a cutie.

so said...

thanks for the birthday wish.
Miss you down here in Torrey.
hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...
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