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01 May 2007


here are some t-shirts i've been making for the beehive bazaar. they are sooo very fun to make, i could make them all night, oh wait i already did...
to see more go here, or maybe i'll get some uploaded into flickr if i get a chance.


wildgrass said...

hello,i am glad to read your blog.
I am also a designer about plane design and web design.But i am so poor about them. I am a chinese girl ,welcome to China and Beijing!
My blog at

H said...

Noelle, That is a coool comment from China.

Took crazy pictures at Hope of America yesterday. Thought of you and SteveO.

Can't get any felt or clay work done. Ug.

steph said...

'Lil G & G 'Lu need some of that action! Those are lily and gracies street names!


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