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04 August 2008


We have just been to Escalante and Torrey for the past week or so visiting grandparents. The big themes of the trip... wildlife and water. It is always fun and educational for all to have some critter encounters from time to time.
This is Chub-Chub the frog. He came out every night to the porch light to get his fill of bugs. Every night we caught him and played with him. Here is Q about to find out if he is really a handsome prince under a spell.

This moth was a big as a hummingbird. My Mom and I finally got it to stop flying around long enough to snap a few pictures. Bugs shouldn't be able to get that big.

I walked right past this baby rattlesnake, it was my 4 year old who pointed it out. We ended up killing it (not me, I was too freaked out) it had made his house under the steps at my parents house.

My folks have 29 chickens now. They are very cute in their little coop my brother Adam built. The kids loved feeding them, and when they realized they could... catching them.

I don't know the official name for this breed of chicken. We just called them "the fro-bros" even though they are ladies. (gotta love the Chicklet teeth)

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