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21 August 2008

real estate in Springville Utah

After 10 years in our fabulous home and couldn't-ask-for-a-better neighborhood, we are looking to find something just a bit roomier. So, if you are looking for a house in south Utah County that is chocked full of funky upgrades and is so dang cute in Springville Utah -look no further. mls #826072

Just one of the many bonus features... a Cassandra Barney painted metal fence in the backyard by the garden. The garden in full to the brim this year. All of our hard work weeding, watering and waiting has finally paid off. I love having to only go as far as the backyard for a snack-a-licious handful of grape tomatoes or to harvest up some green beans or spaghetti squash for dinner.


Jessica said...

I wish I was looking to move to Springville, your house looks great! Hope you have a quick easy sale.

Colett (*-*) said...

I'll take it, JK ha ha, good luck! BTW I loved the Drew D. video!

Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Wow! That is exciting. I'll put the word out.

Bess said...

I can't believe you put your house for sale without consulting your neigbours:) Maybe we can get a say in who buys it?

lex said...

OH NO! what am I going to do when I come back to Utah...I won't find your house!

BTW I would LOVE To buy it if I could get a job in Utah... :) Yeah right!


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