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20 August 2008

back to school

School officially started today, at least for 2 of my kids- but not the Jr high, they started yesterday (7th) but not today (8th and 9th), I think they all go tomorrow, but start at two completely different times, and we have an early out day in our district now, I think that will be on Wednesdays...
I wish I had cute, clean fresh-scrubbed-faces and brand-new-shoes pictures of the kids this morning. But to tell you the truth- I don't even know if they ate breakfast. I got back from my swim/run just in time to throw together some lunches, sign some paperwork and watch them run out the door. The triathlon training is going to have to take a back seat, either that or I get up at 5. Luckily, the Yuba tri is just a few weeks away, Sept 6th and then I can throw all fitness endeavors to the wind.

So, now the over-scheduled, back to school children don't have time to get crazy with the camcorder- (maybe I will?! doubtful). Take a deep breath and sit back and enjoy our new favorite music video. Drew Danburry (in yellow), congrats on getting married and thanks for entertaining us with your triple threat dance moves and other shenanigans.

1 comment:

Olsen Family said...

Wow time goes by so fast. I miss seeing beautiful UT. You have great pictures. I love your blog!


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