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04 August 2008


We have been in Southern Utah this past week or so- hanging with the grandma's and grandpa's in Torrey then Escalante. The other theme of the trip- water. It's too stinkin' hot this time of year and to be in the desert without water -to drink or play in. So we went from one watering hole to the next and had lots of fun. Here is C with a found fishing pole at the Waterfall- just off the highway in Capital Reef National Park.

The Waterfall, I don't think there is an official name for this hot spot. The kids jumped from various points, about 50 times each, all day long. They had fun showing off to all the nervous tourists who, on occasion, got up the courage to jump too. Actually being cautious wasn't a bad idea, the water is only about 6 feet deep. As luck would have it- no injuries. (What kind of mother am I?)

We hiked Sulfur Creek in Capital Reef National Park with the Hulme family. Building butt dams along the way became very popular. It was amazing how much water could be stopped with a row of butts.

One of the waterfalls along the trail. About a 5 mile hike through Capital Reef, ending at the Visitor Center. The perfect summertime hike, especially for kids. More photos here.

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