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18 February 2008


Saturday was a super-fun party day. First we went skiing...

This was the view from the chairlift, beautiful. It was cold/hot/cold/hot all day. Because of sun/clouds/sun/clouds.

Sundance just put in a little terrain park. Here is M giving it a try.

Steve O rode his schnowlerblades all day (what is this 1999?, oh they were a gift, well then I guess it's OK then)... and practiced some snow dancing.

Self portrait on the chairlift.

THEN... F had a indoor soccer game, scored three goals, won the game (7-3) (sorry no pictures)

THEN...Later in the evening...

we got cleaned up and took the whole family to see the 5 Browns at Kingsbury Hall. I had heard them interviewed on Friday on Radio West, and was totally moved. They are are a group of 5 brothers and sisters in their twenties who play classical piano all together, and have since they were little.
We got last minute tickets- kind of nose bleed, but... so glad we went. They were so amazing live. I was very happy to see lots of other kids and families there. Everything about the show was fabulous, motivating, and left you with a wonderful message of succeeding in anything you put your mind too, and treat your sibling lovingly along the way. I think the kids had a good time, then again how can you not enjoy any bit of live entertainment?
Check out the 5 Browns performing here.


steph said...

Sounds like a super terrific happy fun day! I love that you went to their concert. I heard an interview last week with Doug Fabrisio? on NPR and I was totally tearing up in the car... really cool family. Fun Times.

H said...

Steveo makes it look so easy!

Cool that you went to see the 5 Browns together. Sometime we'll see the 7 Olpins doing some spectacular thing, but what? Music? Snow fun? Film? Sewing?!!!

Have you seen this? on YouTube the link is really long... "The 5 Browns on"

Colett said...

What a fun family thing to do. I love that you are so active in the winter. I just want to crawl into bed and hibernate until spring.

Midge said...

I heard that on NPR also. I then chided my brother-in-law for not getting his son started on music lessons, the kids almost 3 for crying out loud. Glad you had a good time.


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