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12 February 2008

mousepad makeover

I am not kidding when I say this project took five minutes, and it makes me so happy. Both mouse pads in this house needed an extreme makeover. My desk, and the kids- look so much better now.


Bess said...

Perfect timing. Henri just ripped the fabric off of our mousepad. I love it. What kind of interfacing did you use? Does it really have to be super heavy duty?

Colett said...

Love this idea, too bad I have a laptop and can't have one!

Michelle said...

So cute! Our mousepad--ugly blue with ground in crackers and who knows what from the past 4 years.

Hmm, maybe I need to get Noelle-y (a new adjective that means Martha Stewart, but cooler) and fix it. Where do you find all that fun fabric?



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