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25 February 2008

a great upheaval

This weekend a simple cleaning up of kid bedrooms turned into a enormous reorganization of furniture and toys. I've had this notion in the back of my mind, the idea of re-doing the kids bedrooms- but I haven't been willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. (I'm still hibernating) Well, this weekend I finally got moving. Now the ball is rolling, there is no stopping until I'm finished. I think there is a bit of spring fever involved, but mostly I attribute it to: we've-got-too-much-stuff and not-enough-room for-it-all syndrome. I've got a giant pile of crap to go to goodwill. I can't wait to say goodbye to every last random toy and nick-knack in the stack. The bulk of the work- scrubbing, painting, assembling and moving furniture is finished I still have curtains and pillows to make, a few pictures to hang and then I'll do a before and after photo shoot.

P.S. I really like this fabric, maybe I need to make some curtains for my kitchen with it.


Suzy said...

Yes, this fabric is super cute!! And whatever did you do with the wool fabric you showed us around Christmas? Did I miss it?

Anyways, I'm tagging you. Visit my blog for the details. Love, Suzy

Precia said...

I love the fabric, very madeline!

steph said...

I love the fabric too! Can't wait to see the rooms all done up! You know spring is here when you dump all of the shiat out of the rooms... that and a yard full of dog crap that has been hidden in the snow all winter!

Bess said...

Very cute fabric. I want to come over and see it all when you are done. I need some inspiration for both half finished kids rooms.


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