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19 February 2008

party time

My little fella turned 10 yesterday. Wow. We had his party at the local tumbling gym, equipt with all that kids love- foam pit, trampolines, rope swing, various assorted giant blow-up kid climbing or launching devices. Here is what the silly cake ended up looking like. Steve O's and my collaborative efforts of trying to design the right image on paper left me with too little time to really give it 110% as far as shaping and frosting- so and it turned out a little wacky. But, come on it's just a cake. It's all good...I mean really- it tasted delicious and all gobbled up.

The inspiration behind the cake. I have been taking a photoshop class over the last few weeks and this is the fruit of my education so far, my first real- not just playing around project. You don't even want to know how long it took me to complete the full invitation (with all the text). But, there is no stopping me now...

1 comment:

Colett said...

I love that cake!!!! I am tagging you on the "my hubby" Q&A from my blog. See ya tonight


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