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08 February 2008


This may not look like a delicious snack... but it is. I would have never thought to combine cheese (havarti) and jam on bread- in this case wheat, and the heel of the loaf- because I'm the Mom and that's my motherly duty. I tried this snack in Denmark and now I'm hooked. Any kind of jam will do fine, this was raspberry. Yum


Bess said...

I love havarti. I am going to give this a whirl.

Midge said...

I love havarti with slices of pear. or you can try my white trash family favorite version of canned pears, grated cheddar cheese and a little dollup of miracle whip, Yum!
I'm actually scared to eat it in front of my husband because I know he will mock me endlessly.

Colett said...

actually sounds pretty good to me!!! I am oficially a blogger now, come visit!

lex said...

Sounds like stuff members served me in Germany! YUM YUM!

Mirjam said...

I love cheese and jam. Our favorite is Gouda and apricot jam. I'm German, so this does not sound strange to me at all. My kids love apples and cheese in cubes and on toothpicks. BTW I'm Ethan's wife, he works with Steve every now and then...


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