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03 June 2011

bold moves

It has been a week of projects- painting this and that, hanging stuff up,  searching ksl classifieds for hours... which is where I found this cute little bed for $20. After reading the ad (it said the bed was kind of beat up) I got the silver spray paint and made a plan. But when I picked it up and saw it was, in my opinion, in excellent shape (I guess I have a low threshold for wear and tear on furniture) I changed my mind and set it up with it's original honey brown color.  But alas- no. can. do.-  it was way too boring. We dragged it outside and without much to lose, started spraying...

I love it so far, it's going to be tough to wait the proper drying time because I can't wait to set it up. It took more Satin Nickel Metallic spray paint than I originally thought (wow- 5 cans for nice, even coverage, both sides and under carriage included).

It looked super sparkly and fantastic in the direct sunlight, I hope it still sparkles inside the house too. I'll get a finished bed&room picture posted tomorrow. 

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