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21 January 2011

between a rock and a hard place

 I belatedly remembered today that I've been meaning to get a hotel reservation in St. George for the upcoming President's Day weekend, (we've got the Ice Breaker soccer tournament going down)- yikes, this is a near impossibility this late in the game. Everything from Mesquite to Cedar City is already reserved by families with sporty youth (a softball tournament is in St. George the same weekend) and everyone else looking to escape winter. Not a one hotel you could book online has even a closet available, so I called the first motel without an online reservation system (this should have been the #1 warning sign) The lady who answered seemed awfully nice and helpful, she had a room- available and super cheap (incidentally, a good location too). She even said she doesn't care if we pile all 6 of us into the room (#2 warning sign...). So, without further ado... I passed along my numbers and booked the dang thing. Only then, did I look at what else (beyond the phone number and motel name) was published about the Knights Inn. Here are just a few gems, and just the tip of the iceberg:

Filthy Insect Ridden Hovel
HORRIBLE MANAGER!! NASTY ROOMS! Call the dept. of health!! Shut it down!
Don't even consider staying here!

So, this is me laughing out loud (and cry a little inside) after my visit to trip advisor. What the crap? I just got us a weekend at the fleabag motel ranked #43 out of 43 motels in St. George. Would we rather camp on the lawn of a church, sleep in the car in the Walmart parking lot? Oh, what to do? Perhaps some very low expectations, our own sleeping bags, pillows, a tarp and a package of Lysol wipes will get us through.
And yes, this picture... also from trip advisors reviews of the Knights Inn.

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