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28 January 2011

fire and ice

The events of today, in order...
F, our 12 year old competed in the Junior Olympic Qualifier Cross Country Ski race at Soldier Hollow (he's in bib #525, in the middle). He has been skate skiing about 5 times, (remember we just moved to this town...) it's his first xc ski race ever- and he did an amazing job of it.

We finally ventured out onto the frozen lake, Deer Creek Reservoir, to see all of the ice fisherman up close and personal, check out the catch of the day and, well... just because we could, I suppose. Here are F and C looking into one of the abandon holes just before C tested the surface with his foot (to see how frozen the thin top layer of ice was) and fell in up to his hip (with one leg). A mother's worst nightmare, thank goodness the hole wasn't any bigger.

A couple of hours later, we watched our neighbors cute red barn burn nearly to the ground- in less than an hour. The fire restarted 2 more times (I heard there were snowmobiles, RV, horse trailer and lots of hay inside) until there was nothing flammable left. By the time it got dark, the fire department had been working for hours with a little help from a bulldozer. There isn't much left, just metal skeletons and heaps of blackened debris. Thankfully, no one was hurt, no animals harmed.
What a day.


Lisa said...

Ok we just got home and I can't believe the barn burned down - and I missed it! Tracy left me a message saying I was missing the show. That is so sad! Oh and great job about getting out and doing and seeing so much around here. We still need to walk on the frozen lake. I guess we better go soon before they close that off to the public like the hot pots. : ) J/K!

VaLene Hulme said...

Wow. That's a crazy day. Fires scare me. So do kids falling in icy holes. Do they know what started the fire?

Wendy said...

I think you need to pile the peps in the car and come visit me. Of course you will need to bring the cross country gear and teach me a few things. Me new gear should be here this week.

noelle said...

I guess the barn owner was inside at the time the fire started, charging his snowmobiles. He ran out and call the fire department, which was busy on another fire in Midway.


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