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28 January 2011

the dirty dash

I've been hearing about this race, and since it is now in my hometown (midway ut) I think I'll give it a try, looks like a lot of messy fun. It's in September, so...I'd better start working on my outfit now.
More Dirty Dash, Piglet Plunge info here.


Colett (*.*) said...

ok, i went to their website and I have to admit I am intrigued, but maybe because I am wimpy I am leaning towards the 5k in June

steph said...

Um yeah! I hope you are signed up!!!! Aside from the environmental impact 1000 or more runners have on the Deer Creek marsh, I think it will be super fun! Me and Dave are signed up... I've heard it is hilarious and hard. My boys want to do it too! I'm signed up for the 9:30 time. Yay!!!!


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